Who wrote the original song Mary, Did You Know?

Who was first to sing Mary, Did You Know?

Pentatonix Mary, Did You Know? / Artist

Who recorded the Christmas song Mary, Did You Know?

Michael English “Mary, Did You Know?” was first recorded by Michael English, one of Lowry’s fellow band-members, and has since been covered by hundreds of singers in a broad variety of styles, becoming a treasured Christmas classic.

Who wrote Amazing Grace?

John Newton Amazing Grace / Lyricist

Who wrote Hallelujah?

Leonard Cohen Hallelujah / Lyricist

Who wrote Danny Boy the song?

Frederic Weatherly Danny Boy (Arr. McKay Crockett) / Composer

What is the most sold Christmas song of all time?

White Christmas The number one selling Christmas song of all-time is none other than “White Christmas,” which was recorded by popular crooner Bing Crosby in 1942 and raked in a whopping $50 million.

Who wrote Silent Night and when was it written?

“Silent Night” (German: “Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht”) is a popular Christmas carol, composed in 1818 by Franz Xaver Gruber to lyrics by Joseph Mohr in the small town of Oberndorf bei Salzburg, Austria.

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