Ketlen Vieira – MMA takedowns of the Phenomenon

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A rising star in the UFC women’s bantamweight division, Ketlen Vieira has quietly worked her way to be No.2 in the rankings in a very short time. In only 4 UFC fights (10-0 overall), Vieira has shown some truly amazing takedown skills – here they are – highlights and breakdowns!
1:05 Takedown highlights
—————– Takedown breakdowns —————–
1:13 Outside hook / outside trip (kosoto gake)
2:25 Valley drop (tani otoshi)
4:20 Body drop (tai otoshi)
5:04 Foot sweep (de ashi harai)
5:39 Inner thigh throw (uchi mata)
7:12 Scoop throw / slam (sukui nage*)

* Sukui nage is the official name of all Judo scoop throws. Unofficially, some techniques are called te guruma (hand wheel) when a wheeling action is involved.

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