Is Stipe Miocic done?

Stipe Miocic has no plans of retiring anytime soon. After Miocic lost his heavyweight title to Francis Ngannou at UFC 260 many wondered what would be next for the Cleveland native.

What ethnicity is Stipe Miocic?

Croatian He was born and raised in Euclid, Ohio, on August 19, 1982, the son of Croatian immigrants Kathy and Bojan Miocic (Croatian: Miočić, pronounced [mîotʃitɕ];). His father originates from Rtina, while his mother is from Cetingrad, Croatia.

Can Stipe speak Croatian?

Miocic, who turned 38 yesterday, has two tattoos, a Croatian coat of arms on his foot and his family coat of arms showing how proud he is of his Croatian roots. Whilst Miocic does not speak fluent Croatian, he is working on it.

Who is Stipe Miocic wife?

Ryan Marie Carney Stipe Miocic / Wife (m. 2016)

Who is Cormier’s wife?

Salina Deleon Daniel Cormier / Wife (m. 2017)

What does Stipe Miocic weigh?

240 lbs Stipe Miocic / Weight

How old was Stipe Miocic when he started MMA?

age 27 A collegiate baseball player who had major league dreams, Stipe Miocic would not have been anyone’s pick to become an all-time heavyweight great when he made his MMA debut at age 27.

How old is Jan blachowicz?

39 years (February 24, 1983) Jan Błachowicz / Age

How tall is Jon Jones?

6′ 4″ Jon Jones / Height

How old was Michael Bisping when he won the title?

37 years, 3 months Michael Bisping – 37 years, 3 months Bisping remains the only British fighter to ever win a UFC title. He defended the belt against Dan Henderson before losing it to Georges St-Pierre.

Who has had the longest UFC career?

1. Frank Mir. Frank Mir has spent nearly 11 years and eight months on the UFC roster, but he’s still ranked among the top heavyweights in the organization. In his long UFC tenure, Mir has won a UFC championship and an interim title.

How is Stipe Miocic so heavy?

240 lbs Stipe Miocic / Weight

Does Stipe Miocic lift weights?

Stipe Miocic’s training routine & diet. Miocic also avoids traditional weightlifting, opting for functional training with a focus on muscular endurance. “I don’t so much do deadlifts, squats or bench,” he said. “It’s more jump squats, pullups, lots of ligament strength, functional strength, stuff like that.”

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