walt harris

Did they ever find Walt Harris daughter?

Walt Harris, an American fighter, struggled to hold back tears returning to the UFC seven months after the abduction and murder of his daughter. Aniah Blanchard, 19, went missing in October, 2019, in Alabama. Her remains were discovered two months later and an autopsy revealed she died of a gunshot wound, CNN reported.May 17, 2020

How much did Walt Harris make?

Walt Harris returned in the month of May 2020, he faced one of top heavyweight fighters (Alistair Overeem) who defeat Harris in the second round. After the fight completed, Harris purse reported $75,000 guaranteed and overall earnings exceed to $85,000 including ($10k) promotional bonus.

Who is aniah Blanchard father?

father Elijah Blanchard Her father Elijah Blanchard said he has good days and bad days, but this week the family was down in Montgomery helping to support what many are calling ‘Aniah’s Law’.Feb 21, 2020

Who shot aniah Blanchard?

Ibraheem Yazeed Ibraheem Yazeed, Aniah Blanchard murder suspect, charged in 2018 cold case homicide. The 29-year-old Montgomery man charged in the high profile 2019 killing of a Lee County teenager has now been charged in a 2018 Montgomery murder, prosecutors announced Thursday.Jun 25, 2020

Who did Walt Harris play for?

Over his 13 NFL seasons, Harris played for four different franchises, including the Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts, Washington Redskins, and San Francisco 49ers. He finished his professional career with 2007 NFC Defensive player of the week and month and 2007 Pro Bowl Player nominee.

Why was aniah killed?

“An autopsy was done and the medical examiner ruled that Aniah Blanchard was killed in a manner of homicide; cause of death was a gunshot wound,” Lee County District Attorney Brandon Hughes said Monday. Yazeed was previously charged with first-degree kidnapping. He was charged with capital murder-kidnapping Monday.

What happened to Walt Harris daughter?

The death of Aniah Blanchard occurred in October, 2019. Blanchard, the 19-year-old stepdaughter of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Walt Harris, was reported missing on October 24. She had last been seen at a Chevron gas station in Auburn, Alabama, the previous night.