venum ufc gear

Who sponsors UFC clothing?

It’s been nine months since the UFC announced that Venum would serve as the promotion’s new apparel sponsor, and since then we’ve been wondering what the new fighter uniforms would look like. Now we know after the promotion unveiled them Tuesday and put the fight kits for sale on its official website.Apr 6, 2021

How much is the Venum UFC deal worth?

The Reebok deal had been reportedly worth $70 million over six years, though much of that value includes the fight kits that UFC fighters received for free.Apr 1, 2021

Who owns Venum UFC gear?

Franck Dupuis Franck Dupuis, Venum founder and chief executive, added: “Venum is a brand that has grown alongside the sport of MMA as it has exploded in popularity around the world. We are both proud and grateful, as this agreement signifies the success of our journey over the past fifteen years.”Jul 10, 2020

When did UFC start wearing Venum?

With the UFC’s outfitting partnership with Reebok ending at UFC 260 this past month after a seven-year relationship before changing gears with Venum, a company that has been producing combat sports apparel and gear since 2005.Apr 6, 2021

Is UFC with Venum?

So it was no surprise when UFC and VENUM announced their partnership in July 2020, with the kick-off officially Saturday at UFC’s Fight Night event in Las Vegas. “Joining UFC as their exclusive outfitting and apparel partner means a great deal to the VENUM team,” said VENUM CEO & Founder Franck Dupuis.Apr 5, 2021