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Is Hasbulla Khabibs brother?

People often mistake Hasbulla Magomedov as Khabib Nurmagomedov’s son. Many fans believe that ‘Mini Khabib’ and the UFC star resemble each other. In reality, the two aren’t related. However, they appear to be close friends as Khabib posted a video of Hasbulla Magomedov on his Instagram handle.May 30, 2021

Is Kamaru Usman’s dad out of jail?

In the USA, his father, Muhammed Usman, took on a career in pharmaceuticals. However, the profession eventually landed him in prison, although Kamaru Usman says his father never committed any crime. He was released last February from a Texas prison, where he served 10 of the 15 years he was sentenced to.Feb 14, 2021

How many cousins does khabib have?

Among Nurmagomedov’s cousins are fellow UFC fighters Abubakar Nurmagomedov and Umar Nurmagomedov, and Bellator fighter Usman Nurmagomedov. In May 2020, Nurmagomedov’s father and long-time trainer Abdulmanap was placed in a medically induced coma after contracting COVID-19 following a heart surgery.

Why did Kamaru Usman dad go to jail?

His father, Muhammed Nasiru Usman, who had previous convictions in Tarrant County for theft and drunk driving, was convicted in May 2010 of various offenses, including health care fraud and money laundering, related to a health care fraud scheme.