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Is Usman undefeated?

Usman (17-1 MMA, 13-0 UFC) is currently riding a 16-fight winning streak and has scored a win in each of his fights in the UFC. But an undefeated record is the rarest of rare occurrences in MMA, as there is no end to the number of ways one can lose.Apr 25, 2021

Why is Kamaru Usman called Marty?

Usman claims that he was christened ‘Marty’ by his high school wrestling coach. The former NCAA Division 2 champion joined the Bowie High School wrestling team in his sophomore year. Here, Usman’s wrestling coach named him ‘Marty’, as he was struggling to pronounce the Nigerian’s first name, Kamarudeen.Apr 25, 2021

Why did Kamaru Usman’s dad go to jail?

In the end, Usman’s father received a jail sentence after he was found guilty on multiple charges. However, the fighter opined that long sentences like these were given to those who were guilty of heinous crimes. What’s more, he declared that his father should not have suffered the way he did.Apr 23, 2021

What kind of fighter is Usman?

Kamarudeen “Kamaru” Usman (born May 11, 1987) is a Nigerian-American professional mixed martial artist, former freestyle wrestler and graduated folkstyle wrestler. He currently competes in the welterweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), where he is the reigning UFC Welterweight Champion.