ufc undercard

Who won Jake fight?

The judges scored the fight 77-75, 75-77, 78-74 to the social media sensation who was fighting in his home city.3 days ago

Is UFC undercard free?

If you’d like to see the full undercard the next day, you can get them for free by ordering the Pay-Per-View event online before Friday at 10pm ET/ 7pm PT – http://bit.ly/hnTg5d.

How many fights are on the undercard?

four fights The undercard features four fights, but the most interesting will involve Tyson Fury’s half-brother Tommy Fury. He’s 6-0 in his boxing career and will face Anthony Taylor, who is 6-5 in his career. Fury was also on the reality TV series Love Island, finishing as the runner-up.4 days ago

What is the undercard in UFC?

The undercard, or preliminary matches (sometimes preliminary card), consists of preliminary bouts that occur before the headline or “main event” of a particular boxing, professional wrestling, horse racing, auto racing, or other sports event.