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What is a P4P?

Pay for Performance in healthcare (P4P), also known as value-based payment, comprises payment models that attach financial incentives/disincentives to provider performance. P4P is part of the overall national strategy to transition healthcare to value-based medicine.Mar 1, 2018

Who has the fastest kick in the world?

What is the fastest recorded kick and punch on record? There has been much research done and the best answer seems to be, that the fastest kick “on record” is still held by Frank Dux at 102.3 feet per second (70+ MPH). The fastest punch on record is still held by Bruce Lee at .

How is UFC pound for pound?

How Are UFC’s Pound for Pound Rankings Determined? The process for ranking the fighters in the pound-for-pound category is the same as in other weight classes – the same media is giving their votes and making the rankings. This rating shows how good a fighter is relative to their weight.

What are UFC lightweight rankings?

UFC Lightweight Rankings Rank Fighter OVR 1 Charles Oliveira 31-8 2 Dustin Poirier 28-6 3 Justin Gaethje 22-3 4 Beneil Dariush 21-4-1

How many fighters are ranked in UFC?

Active UFC fighters are ranked within each weight-class with the Top 15 UFC fighter rankings determined by a voting panel made of by members of the media. Fighters are able to compete in the rankings of more than one weight division at any given time.

What is C in UFC ranking?

UFC Rankings C Stipe Miocic 18-3-0 1 Daniel Cormier 22-1-0 2 Francis Ngannou 13-3-0 3 Curtis Blaydes 11-2-0 4 Junior Dos Santos Junior Dos Santos 21-5-0 Jan 19, 2020