ufc longest win streak

Who is the world’s best fighter?

Keeping this in mind, let’s count the top 10 most advanced fighter jets of 2021! Sukhoi Su-57. Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor. Shenyang FC-31. Dassault Rafale. Eurofighter Typhoon. Boeing F-15EX. Sukhoi Su-30SM. JF-17 Thunder / HAL Tejas. Jan 30, 2021

Who has retired undefeated?

Undefeated male champions Boxer Record Title(s) held Ricardo López 51–0–1 (0) IBF Rocky Marciano 49–0–0 (0) World Terry Marsh 26–0–1 (0) IBF Floyd Mayweather Jr. 50–0–0 (0) WBC