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Did Mike Beltran cut his beard?

In the interview, Beltran also revealed that he had been growing the now iconic mustache for more than 13 years. The veteran referee shared that he hated shaving and that was one of the reasons why he started growing out his facial hair.Aug 8, 2021

Are there referees in MMA?

Contrary to what you might believe, MMA referees do not ‘belong’ to any one fight promotion, like the UFC or Bellator. They are licensed by various athletic commissions. The commission which licenses them to act as a referee differs depending on what state, or country, the MMA event is being held in.Apr 9, 2020

Who is the UFC ref?

John McCarthy (referee) John McCarthy Born John Michael McCarthy October 12, 1962 Los Angeles, California, United States Nationality American Other names “Big John McCarthy” Occupation MMA referee, podcast host, MMA analyst

Can UFC refs fight?

That said, refs can also make sure that the fighters actually fight. That’s rare, but sometimes, neither person wants to fight, so it’s the ref’s job to make sure that the fighters actually do their job in the octagon.Feb 15, 2020

Where do MMA judges sit?

Every MMA event includes three judges sitting beside the cage. Their main task is to evaluate the fight and score the fight round by round. The winner of the round gets 10 points while the loser gets 9 points or less. In case the round is even, the judges will score the round 10–10.

How much do fight judges make?

Average boxing judge earn $100,000 to $250,000 annually from the all of their fights. Once they pay-per-view hit maximum sales limit judges do get paid extra. Boxing referees salaries mostly same as boxing judges pay during the fights.

Who is the best UFC judge?

When it comes to the most famous and respected referees, not only in the UFC but MMA in general, ‘Big’ John McCarthy is possibly number one. McCarthy was born in 1962 and started officiating in 1994.

How many judges are there in UFC?

Three judges Three judges are evaluating every fight. They all have individual scorecards, and every round gets evaluated separately. The fighter that has more points after all the round scores are added up is the winner.

Does the UFC hire judges?

The UFC and Dana can bring a lot of pressure to bare to not use certain referees and judges for various reasons but the decision ultimately falls with the state athletic commission in regards to this. Dana White does not hire or fire judges or referees.

How much do UFC judges get paid?

While there is no official confirmation, the Internet anecdotally reaffirms that UFC judges make $900 per fight, which is substantially less than the referees, with the younger ones being an exception.