ufc double champs

Who was the first person to have two belts in UFC?

Conor McGregor Conor McGregor (Featherweight, Lightweight) The man who coined the term ‘Champ Champ,’ Conor McGregor, was the first fighter to ever hold UFC belts in two weight divisions at the same time.Mar 7, 2021

Are boxing belts real gold?

Yes, boxing belts are made out of real gold, combined with genuine leather. when he defeated Manny Pacquiao back in 2015, was valued at $1 million and it had thousands of emeralds and four “golden faces” of Mayweather Jr., Pacquiao, Sulaiman, and boxing legend Muhammad Ali carved into the golden plates.

Can UFC 4 have a 3 weight champion?

“There’s diverging storylines with a rival fight, and these rivals aren’t set out like in UFC 3 like, ‘Michael Bisping was the middleweight champion in UFC 3, so Michael Bisping is your rival through career mode. ‘ That does not happen in UFC 4.”Jul 30, 2020

Did GSP hold two belts?

St-Pierre is a three-time former UFC Welterweight Champion, having won the title twice and the interim title once between November 2006 and April 2008.

Has any UFC fighter had 3 belts?

Randy Couture won a majority decision over Maurice Smith at UFC Japan on Dec. 21, 1997, to become the heavyweight champion for the first time. He would win that title three separate times.

Why is there two different UFC belts?

In short, yes, former UFC champions get to keep their old belts. With the original UFC belt, fighters competed for a new belt each time, even if they were defending champions. With the current legacy belt system, fighters receive one belt, and get a new ruby to place on the belt after each title defense.

Can you become double champ in UFC 4?

Yes, I got an offer to move up to lightweight after 4 title defenses. If you win, you then have the option of staying at the higher weight or moving back down. Is that just one time you can do that or is for your entire career after defenses.

Who are the double champions in UFC?

UFC 259: Will Israel Adesanya become ‘champ-champ’? The four fighters who became double UFC champion Conor McGregor (UFC featherweight and lightweight champion) Daniel Cormier (UFC light-heavyweight and heavyweight champion) Amanda Nunes (UFC women’s bantamweight and featherweight champion) Mar 6, 2021