ufc dariush

What does the name Daryoush mean?

Darius. Dariush (Persian: داریوش‎; also spelled Darioush, Daryoush or Daryoosh) is a common Persian male given name in Iran. Dariush is composed of dāraya- [hold] + vash- [good], meaning “holding firm the good”.

Does Muay Thai have belts?

Traditional Muay Thai does not have a ranking system, which means that it does not have belts eithers. Muay Thai, despite being a martial art, is perceived as a professional combat sport in Thailand, meaning that fighters practice Muay Thai as a job, to earn a living, and not as a specific art.

What belt is Beneil Dariush?

Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt Beneil Dariush is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under Bruno Paulista and Romulo Barral, who was regarded as one of the top grappling prospects in the world before his change in career focus to mixed martial arts (MMA).