ufc 20

Is UFC Arabia free?

ON THE GO. Download the free UFC Arabia app now. Watch live and on-demand UFC content anywhere, anytime and on your favorite devices. Also available on your television.

How many fighters are in the UFC?

As of 2020, the UFC roster consists of fighters from as many as 71 countries. On its official website, the promotion has listed a total of 724 active fighters (comprising 117 women and 607 men).Feb 25, 2021

When was UFC illegal?

1997 The sport was initially criticized for being too violent and brutal. The sport of mixed martial arts was banned in 1997 in New York. At one time the sport was banned in most parts of the United States, which was spearheaded by John McCain who called MMA human cockfighting.

Who fought in UFC 20?

Results Main Card Weight class Heavyweight Pedro Rizzo Tra Telligman Heavyweight Pete Williams Travis Fulton Middleweight Wanderlei Silva Tony Petarra