tyson nam

Where does Kai Kara France train?

Kai Kara-France Fighting out of Auckland, New Zealand Team Tiger Muay Thai (2012–2016) City Kickboxing (2016–present) Rank Blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Years active 2010–present

How well would Mike Tyson do in MMA?

Tyson would probably have been a very good UFC fighter. He is quick, strong, and powerful. His career would probably have paralleled his boxing career. After a meteoric rise, some of the bigger, better fighters would have been able to exploit his lack of stamina, less than stellar jaw, and short reach.

Did Tyson fight UFC?

Boxing’s former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has never competed in an MMA prizefight, but the 54-year-old was recently seen fighting inside the cage under the watchful eye of famed MMA coach Rafael Cordeiro.Jan 3, 2021

Where does tyson Nam train?

Speaking with Sportskeeda’s John Hyon Ko, Tyson Nam revealed that he’s currently training at Gracie Technics in Honolulu, Hawaii, to prepare for his bout with Tagir Ulanbekov.May 30, 2021