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Is Ferguson vs Oliveira PPV?

The main card event where the main bout Oliveira vs Chandler and co-main event Ferguson vs Dariush will fight to be crowned as the next lightweight king in UFC will be broadcast live on the Pay-per-view model in most locations.May 15, 2021

What belt is Charles Oliveira?

black belt Charles Oliveira Team Chute Boxe Diego Lima (2018–present) Macaco Gold Team (2008–2018) Trainer Diego Lima and Jorge Patino Rank 3rd degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Ericson Cardoso and Jorge “Macaco” Patino Years active 2008–present

How did Tony not tap?

TONY FERGUSON once refused to tap out despite his arm being bent backwards. That was Ferguson’s second defeat in 2020 after going 12-0 over the previous seven years.

What happened to Tony Ferguson knee?

Tony Ferguson didn’t disclose details of his injury in the public domain. Many MMA fans and experts believe that Tony Ferguson severely injured his leg while refusing to tap to a deep heel hook attempt from Beneil Dariush. Tony Ferguson’s tweet read as follows: “Slight Sprain No Tear” Faith, Family, Friends & Crew.May 23, 2021

How good is Charles Oliveira grappling?

Oliveira heavily incorporates his grappling skills into his MMA career, the proof is in the results of him taking nineteen of his thirty wins via submission. This makes Oliveira the fighter who has racked up the most submission wins in UFC history – a grappling legend.Apr 23, 2021