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Does Bobby Lashley still fight MMA?

He is currently the WWE Champion and is considered to be one of the biggest stars in the company. Bobby Lashley hasn’t fought MMA in over four years now.Mar 9, 2021

What does the double V stand for?

for victory Thompson called for a “double VV for victory” sign, with the first V standing for victory of enemies from without and the second V for victory over enemies within, meaning those in the United States who limited the freedoms of African Americans.Jul 1, 2020

Why did Bobby Lashley leave MMA?

After losing a number one contender’s match to Matt Sydal at Destination X and failing to recapture the title in a Gauntlet for the Gold match, Lashley announced that he was (kayfabe) quitting wrestling to focus on his MMA career. This went into a feud against Moose where American Top Team were involved.

Who is James G Thompson?

In January 1942 James G. Thompson, a twenty-six-year-old African American from Wichita, Kan., wrote to the black-owned Pittsburgh Courier to express his feelings about the war.