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What does Tony Ferguson’s nickname mean?

And Ferguson’s nickname honors his heritage while also describing him completely. “My coach he says alright man you look like El Cucuy, you look like the boogeyman, you got the crazy ears.” Ferguson continued, “you got some long a** arms, you got big old hands.”Apr 30, 2021

How do you get a nickname in MMA?

Some fighters get their nicknames from long before in the amateur days, or sometimes the get because of style of fighting, the way they look, or where they come from. Its kind of the same any other person would get a nickname, minus the fighting aspect.

Why is Korean Zombie called that?

A professional competitor since 2007, Jung has also formerly competed for the WEC, Pancrase, World Victory Road, and DEEP. His nickname, “The Korean Zombie” comes from his zombie-like ability to continue to move forward and fight aggressively, even after taking heavy blows.