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Who is the shortest female fighter in the UFC?

Shortest Female Mixed Martial Artists Fighter Height Weight Class Priscilla Brownfield 4’9″ (145cm) Strawweight Adriana “Drika” Curtz 4’9″ (145cm) Atomweight Elizabeth “Venemo” Lopez 4’9″ (145cm) Jenny “The Phoenix” Silverio 4’9″ (145cm) Atomweight

Who is the smallest heavyweight UFC fighter?

Demetrious Johnson 1: Demetrious Johnson. At 5’3″, Demetrious Johnson is the shortest fighter in the UFC and it isn’t holding him back just yet. He used his superior wrestling to take his much taller opponents down, including his last opponent, Miguel Torres, who had a six inch height advantage.

How much weight is heavyweight UFC?

The heavyweight division in mixed martial arts (MMA) generally groups fighters between 206–265 lb (93.4–120.2 kg). Although many ambiguities exist within the lowerweight classes regarding division naming and weight limits, the Heavyweight division is, for the most part, uniform.