Who owns SBG gym?

founder Matt Thornton – SBG founder Matt Thornton has personally taught in over 25 different Nations. – SBG founder Matt Thornton was the first person to introduce the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to both Reunion Island, and Iceland – where SBG trained athlete & active UFC fighter, Gunnar Nelson, hails from.Jun 1, 2021

Who trains at SBG?

Who trains at Straight Blast Gym Ireland? Of course, the most famous person to train at SBG is McGregor. However, McGregor’s other teammates, some UFC and others MMA, also train there. According to Business Insider, SBG trains about 30 athletes in major MMA organizations, including five UFC fighters.Oct 8, 2019

Who defeated James Gallagher?

Fight History – Pro Result Fighter Event win Roman Salazar Bellator 227 – Gallagher vs. Salazar Sep / 27 / 2019 win Jeremiah Labiano Bellator 223 – Mousasi vs. Lovato Jr. Jun / 22 / 2019 win Steven Graham Bellator 217 – Gallagher vs. Graham Feb / 23 / 2019 loss Ricky Bandejas Bellator 204 …

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Did James Gallagher leave SBG?

Mixed martial arts star James Gallagher says moving out of the hustle and bustle of Dublin’s city buzz into the countryside has given him a new lease of life.Sep 29, 2020