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Who won the Jake Paul vs Ben fight?

^Note 2 Originally ruled a technical decision win for Prograis from a low-blow, it was ruled a TKO after confirming no foul. Fight card. Weight Class Cruiserweight Jake Paul Ben Askren Round 1/8 Time 1:59

How did Pat meet Rose?

Pat Barry met Rose Namajunas when she punched him in the head. Barry was sparring at Roufusport one day, working on his stand-up game. Out of nowhere, this tiny waif of a girl, who is now competing for a UFC championship, comes over and punches him in the side of the face.Dec 10, 2014

Who Won girl UFC fight?

Rose Namajunas Retakes U.F.C. Title by Defeating Chinese Star Zhang Weili. The American took Zhang down in Jacksonville, Fla., in less than 90 seconds.Apr 25, 2021

How long have Pat Barry and Rose been together?

In a 2012 article about their relationship, Pat Barry said he felt like they’d been together for over four years, while Namajunas felt like it was two or three years instead. Effectively, the couple has been together for over 11 years now.Apr 30, 2021

Is Rose still UFC champion?

UFC 261: Rose Namajunas wins strawweight title with incredible first round knockout of Zhang Weili. Speaking afterwards, Weili maintained she felt she was good to keep fighting. “She said she’s still conscious.” Weili said through and interpreter. “The referee stopped it a little bit early.”Apr 24, 2021