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Who did Chuck Liddell fight at the end of TUF?

Team Ortiz Team Liddell swept Team Ortiz in dodgeball to win the Coaches’ Challenge. The blue team chose McGee to fight Ring. James Hammortree was sent to the hospital after being thrown by McCray and later revealed it may be a slipped disk. Nick Ring defeated Court McGee by majority decision after two rounds.

Who won TUF season 12?

The finale was held on December 4, 2010 at The Palms in Las Vegas, Nevada. Brookins defeated Johnson via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-27) after three rounds to become the season 12 Lightweight winner of The Ultimate Fighter.

Do UFC fighters shave?

MMA fighters will often shave their bodies because wrestling and grappling often involve grabbing and pulling on the fighter’s skin. Having body hair when your opponent is wrestling with you can cause a lot of intense pain so to avoid it fighters will usually shave their body hair.

Why are UFC fighters patted down?

In short, UFC fighters get frisked by the referee to ensure that the fighter does not have any foreign objects or illegal weapons that are hidden on their person. During this time, the ref will also check the fighter’s nails for length, and ensure that they have their mouthpiece and groin protector.

Who got kicked TUF?

With Thomas and Berube kicked off the show because of the fight and Gabe Ruediger kicked off because of missing weight and Andy Wang kicked off the team and sent to Team Pulver; this leaves Team Penn with only 4 fighters (Lauzon, Maynard, Wiman, and Rob Emerson).

Who Got Kicked Off Ultimate Fighter?

One night Taylor got drunk and kicked out the glass of a limousine window and then proceeded to go into a casino and terrorized female hotel patrons at a hotel in Las Vegas. This was the first time in the history of the “Ultimate Fighter” that a fighter was kicked off the finale.

Why was Tito kicked off TUF?

“I was having trouble training, hitting mitts, and wrestling on The Ultimate Fighter. That’s why they pretty much fired me,” Ortiz discussed. “What I can do? I have to get the surgery so I can get back and fight again.”May 27, 2010

Did Junie Browning get kicked out?

“If I had complete control, I would have kicked Junie off the first week after I saw his behavior and edited out him so no one got to see him at all,” Mir said. “I think he does give a bad name and face to everyone (associated with MMA).”Dec 12, 2008

What happened Rob Browning?

In 2009, Browning was arrested after assaulting nurses in a Nevada hospital. His MMA record reflects the trouble of his post-UFC life. He is currently 4-5, most recently having submitted to strikes in August against the now 9-5 Jason Clark.Dec 14, 2011