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Are elbows allowed in K1?

K1/Kickboxing Classes This is wrong, you cannot clinch and throw knees or elbows like a thai boxer. You can throw the knees but not continuously in a bout, no elbows allowed either.Jan 2, 2018

Is K1 a kickboxing?

K-1 Kickboxing is a stand-up martial art that initially combined karate, kickboxing (Dutch, Savate, Muay Thai, and Western), and kung fu (hence, the “K”). The “1” resembles the combative element of the style which sought to find the best of the best through competition.Jan 6, 2020

How can I watch RIZIN FC?

The “Online LIVE watching ticket” on the day of the tournament can be purchased from the “Ticket” button on the RIZIN original broadcasting platform. You can get “Online LIVE watching ticket” by supporting the return “5,000 yen” including “Online LIVE watching ticket” on RIZIN LIVE site. Please use all means.