paulo costa mma

What gym does Paulo Costa train at?

Paulo Costa (fighter) Paulo Costa Stance Orthodox Fighting out of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil Team Team Nogueira Champion Team Clube Atlético Mineiro Fight Ready (2017–present) Trainer Eric Albarracin

Is Paulo Costa overweight?

Paulo Costa shares his weight cutting journey He revealed that he was 212.5 pounds, which is 27.5 pounds heavier than his division’s championship weight limit.Sep 21, 2020

Why is Paulo Costa so ripped?

No. 2 UFC middleweight contender Paulo Costa revealed in a humorous post on Instagram that the reason behind his ripped physique is his “secret juice.” Paulo Costa fought current UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya for the belt last year. This is a secret juice.Jan 31, 2021

Does Paulo Costa lift?

Paulo Costa’s training routine includes rowing exercises, pull ups, push ups, dead weight lifting and military shoulder presses. Despite being one of the athletes of the moment, many people question his endurance and his cardio training.Sep 28, 2020