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Who got kicked out of Fight island?

UFC 257: Ottman Azaitar fired from UFC for breaching Fight Island’s COVID-19 protocols. Less than day out from the biggest fight of his career, undefeated lightweight Ottman Azaitar has been cut by the UFC for breaching the organisation’s COVID-19 Fight Island protocols.Jan 22, 2021

What was in the bag Dana White?

22. Later that day, UFC president Dana White said Azaitar had been cut for his actions, which involved giving his wristband to a guy who “shimmied down four balconies” in an attempt to get the bag to Azaitar. 20, it was revealed that White had a change of heart and decided to give Azaitar second …

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What did Ottman Azaitar do?

Ottman Azaitar Gets ‘Second Chance’ After Breaking COVID-19 Protocols. The president said his security team noticed an unauthorized person entering the hotel with a wristband provided by Azaitar to deliver a bag to the fighter’s room, according to BT Sport. “It’s just bad,” White told BT Sport.Feb 20, 2021