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Who is blue OSP?

Blue is one of the two content creators for Overly Sarcastic Productions, and is a college graduate (classics & philosophy major). He primarily focuses on covering history. He has done different series on the history of Egypt, Greece, and Rome, as well as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

What software does Overly Sarcastic Productions use?

Clip Studio Paint Just found out that Clip Studio Paint, the drawing program I use for all my stuff, is currently on sale for half-off! If you’ve been planning on getting a heckin good drawing program now is a good time~ -R.Jun 20, 2019

Who made Von Flue Choke?

Jason “Livewire” Von Flue pioneered the choke during the UFC Fight Night 3 card against Alex Karalexis. At that point, that was the first time the choke had been used in professional MMA. While the Von Flue choke gained acclaim for its unorthodox nature, it still was not a widely used technique in Jiu Jitsu …

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