nick diaz

What does 209 mean for the Diaz brothers?

Nick and Nate Diaz are synonymous with 209 — the area code of their Stockton, California home. For that reason, many assumed the UFC’s upcoming pay-per-view card would feature one or both brothers and be stationed somewhere in the Golden State. Joe Rogan interviews Nate Diaz prior to UFC 202. (Feb 24, 2017

What is Nate Diaz ranked?

Nate Diaz Date ↑ ↓ Rank 04/01/2020 1 #12 Welterweight 01/01/2020 4 #11 Welterweight 10/01/2019 NR #7 Welterweight 10/01/2017 2 #14 Welterweight

Why are the Diaz brothers so popular?

The Diaz brothers are beloved because of their fearless attitude. They have always been able willing to fight anyone, often including UFC management. That’s led to long stretches of inactivity. In Nick’s case, it’s been a semi-retirement.Jun 10, 2021

Is Nick Diaz a good fighter?

Although Diaz has had twelve defeats in his professional MMA career, his fighting spirit has not fazed one bit. He consistently brings the same level of aggression fight after fight, regardless of whether the previous one was a victory or a loss.Jun 11, 2021