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What is the average pay for a boxer?

Professional Boxer Salary Annual Salary Monthly Pay Top Earners $70,000 $5,833 75th Percentile $39,000 $3,250 Average $37,501 $3,125 25th Percentile $23,000 $1,916

Is Diaz fighting again?

UFC Fight Night: Makhachev vs. More than 17 years after they met for the first time, Nick Diaz and Robbie Lawler will fight again in a five-round bout at UFC 266 on Sept. 25, UFC president Dana White told Yahoo Sports.Jul 13, 2021

When was Nick Diaz last win?

UFC legend Nick Diaz’s last fight in the UFC octagon took place on January 31, 2015. That night, Diaz fought former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva in a five-round main event at UFC 183.Jul 14, 2021

Did Nick Diaz retire?

UFC president Dana White has confirmed that Nick Diaz is considering making another sensational return to the UFC following his third retirement from the fight game more than half a decade ago. Diaz (26-9, 2 NC) met with the UFC bigwig to discuss a possible comeback after attending UFC 261 in Jacksonville, Florida.May 12, 2021