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How long do MMA fights last?

A standard UFC fight consists of three five-minute rounds. Title fights, however, are extended to five five-minute rounds. A referee can stop a fight if a fighter taps out due to a submission, when a fighter is knocked out, or when a fighter is no longer intelligently defending himself.

How often are UFC fights?

So, how often do UFC fighters fight? On average, UFC fighters fight 2-3 times a year. Lower ranked fighters usually fight more frequently to climb the ranks, while the best fighters, such as the champions and the top challengers, fight only 1-2 times a year.

What MMA fights are coming up?

MMA Schedule – 2021 Date EVENT Aug 21 UFC Fight Night: Cannonier vs. Gastelum Aug 20 Bellator 265: Kongo vs. Kharitonov Aug 19 PFL Playoffs: Women’s Lightweights & Heavyweights Aug 16 The Ultimate Fighter 29 Semifinal