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How can I watch Fame MMA UK?

How can I watch and stream the event? The event will not be shown live on British television. However, it is available to stream for £12.95 on FAME MMA’s website.Dec 14, 2019

Who did Zusje lose to?

Fight History – Pro Result Fighter Event loss Kamila Wybranczyk Fame MMA 9 – Let’s Play Mar / 06 / 2021 win Unknown Fighter Fame MMA 8 – Dubiel vs Blonsky Nov / 21 / 2020 loss Marta Linkiewicz Fame MMA 6 – Zusje vs Linkimaster Mar / 28 / 2020

How many fights has Kamila Smogulecka won?

Biography: Kamila Smogulecka MMA fighter Kamila Smogulecka represents the country: Poland. She began professional career in 2020 and currently has 1 fights, of which she won 0 and lost 1. She participated in tournaments of such promotions as: Fame MMA.

What is fame MMA UK?

FAME MMA held their first ever UK based event last night as celebrities from around Britain and Poland went toe-to-toe in the cage. We were at the event to see it all unfold, but from the outset and throughout, it was a shoddily organised festival of cringe, saved only by a couple of decent fights.Dec …

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Who is Zuzje?

Kamila Smogulecka is a Poland film Actress in Hollywood film and also appears in the television show FMMA. Kamila Smogulecka has been Started her career in 2020. She was debut in Fame MMA. She is famous for her popular nicknames and Zusje.May 10, 2021

What are the rounds in MMA?

In MMA, a standard bout is three, five-minute rounds. This is the typical way rounds are timed in MMA across the world for the most part. There are a few exceptions. For instance, in championship fights there are two more rounds, making it a five-round fight, at five minutes apiece.Mar 22, 2020

What ethnicity is Zusje?

Fighter Information Name Kamila Smogulecka Nick Names Zusje Birth Date 1995-10-12 Age 25 Nationality Poland Mar 27, 2020