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Who did Michael Chandler fight for?

Michael Chandler Fighting out of Boca Raton, Florida, U.S. Team Sanford MMA Wrestling NCAA Division I Wrestling Years active 2009–present

Who did Michael Chandler fight for before UFC?

But while Askren would make his way as a journeyman, moving from Bellator to One Championship before debuting in the UFC in 2018, Chandler essentially sat in promotion, achieving dominance over the course of a decade, during which he held its lightweight belt three times and fought some instant classics.May 15, 2021

Why do UFC fighters have weird ears?

UFC fighters have weird ears because of the blows their ears receive, which causes them to cramp up. That state of ears is called cauliflower ears. There are ways to minimize the damage and make the ears look somewhat nicer, but most fighters prefer them the way they are.