mcgregor lost

Did McGregor ever fight at 170?

Initially assumed to be a lightweight contest, McGregor allowed the bout to be contested at 170-pounds, in the welterweight division, to avoid forcing Diaz to cut down to the 155-pound lightweight limit in such little time.

Who did McGregor fight at 170?

Despite McGregor previously competing at welterweight for fights against Nate Diaz and Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, and Poirier saying numerous times that he’s willing to move to 170 pounds for the right opportunity, their proposed bout has to take place in the lightweight division.Oct 21, 2020

Did Conor McGregor loose?

Former two-time UFC world champion Conor McGregor lost to current number one lightweight fighter Dustin Poirier in Las Vegas on Sunday for the second time in six months.Jul 11, 2021

How many times has Conor McGregor lost and won?

Not many have been successful in taking down the confident mixed martial artist, but it has happened. His four career MMA losses have all come via submission, while his lone boxing loss was via TKO.Jan 24, 2021

Who did Conor McGregor just lose to?

Dustin Poirier Dustin Poirier beats Conor McGregor for the second time in six months at UFC 264. McGregor’s leg and ankle buckled when he stepped back from a punch by Poirier.Jul 11, 2021