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What is wrong with Dustin Poirier ears?

UFC lightweight fighter Dustin Poirier suffers from a deformity known as a cauliflower ear. In this condition, the tissues in the ear swell up with blood due to repeated trauma, but instead of the fluid draining out of the ear, it just hardens and gives the ear a deformed look.Jul 8, 2021

What did Poirier wife say to McGregor?

Earlier this week, McGregor shared on Twitter what appeared to be a screenshot of Jolie Poirier’s direct message request. In response, Poirier bluntly told McGregor: “Shut your b***h a**e. “I can take even the trash – there’s no holds barred on the trash talk. But murder’s something you don’t clown around on.Jul 12, 2021

How much will Dustin Poirier make against McGregor?

Poirier, the winner by technical knockout, made $1,021,000 — $1 million to show up and $21,000 fight week incentive pay, says The Sports Daily. In the McGregor vs. Poirier fight at UFC 257 earlier this year, McGregor made a disclosed $5 million, despite losing. In the same fight, Poirier made $1 million.Jul 12, 2021