mauricio rua

Why is Rua called Shogun?

Mauricio Rua: “Shogun” Rua is rumored to have received his nickname because “Shogun” was the brand of a gi he wore while training Brazilian jiu-jitsu. In Japanese history, a shogun was a powerful military commander, while the literal meaning of the term is “commander of force,” which applies quite well to Rua himself.Nov 28, 2012

Who knocked out Shogun Rua?

UFC Hamburg video recap: Anthony Smith knocks out Shogun Rua in under 90 seconds. Anthony Smith scored a big first-round knockout win over Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua in the main event of UFC Hamburg.Jul 23, 2018

Is Shogun Rua still fighting?

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Mauricio Rua is not retiring from MMA just because promotion president Dana White wants him to. In fact, “Shogun” believes he’s still in line for another two fights before calling it quits.Jun 1, 2021

Has Shogun Rua been submitted?

End of PRIDE career At Pride 32 he submitted former UFC Heavyweight Champion Kevin Randleman with a kneebar at 2:35 of the first round, the only submission victory of his career. By the end of his run at PRIDE, Rua was ranked as the top Light heavyweight in the world by Nokaut, Sherdog, and