matt serra

How did Matt Serra lose the belt?

Long Island’s Matt Serra was granted a title shot after winning Season 4 of The Ultimate Fighter, and “The Terror” took full advantage. An 11-1 underdog, Serra took the belt from St-Pierre with a first-round knockout in one of the biggest upsets in MMA history.

How much is Matt Sarah worth?

Quick Facts Name Matthew John Serra Net Worth $700 thousand Yearly Salary $515,000 Divison Two times Welterweight Champion Lightweight Champion Sexual Orientation Straight Jun 1, 2021

Which TUF winner beat GSP by knockout?

Matt Serra, Georges St-Pierre and the Greatest Upset in MMA History. The moment James “Buster” Douglas landed the knockout blow to finish Mike Tyson in their heavyweight championship bout in 1990, fight fans from around the world witnessed what is still considered one of the greatest upsets in combat sports history.

Who has the longest title reign in the UFC?

Anderson Silva List of longest reigning UFC champions of all time Fighter Name Title Reign (Number of Days) 1. Anderson Silva 2,457 Days 2. Demetrious Johnson 2,142 Days 3. Georges St Pierre 2,064 Days 4. Jose Aldo 1,848 Days May 28, 2021

What happened to Matt Sierra?

Serra on Tuesday said he is going to “retire” as a cornerman and will no longer be working with Sterling as an official corner person, though he’ll support the new champion on his journey forward.Mar 11, 2021

When did Matt Serra win the belt?

With a body frame very similar to that of Renzo Gracie’s brother, Ralph, Matt Serra adapted very well to Renzo’s teachings and became one of the main competitors at the gym, earning his black belt in 2000 and becoming the first black belt under Renzo Gracie born in US soil.

What degree black belt is Matt Serra?

4th degree black belt Matt Serra Rank 4th degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Renzo Gracie Years active 1999–2010 Mixed martial arts record Total 18