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What is subaltern voice?

The subaltern does not have a voice. Indeed, technically, once a subaltern has a voice, they are no longer the subaltern. They become Other, merely altern. From this theoretical insight, a sub-set of post-colonial studies, the Subaltern Studies Group, attempted to find the trace of the subaltern in Indian history.Apr 7, 2010

What is Spivak saying in Can the subaltern Speak?

‘, Spivak offers the sentence ”White men are saving the brown women from brown men’ as one interpretation of the relationship between colonizer and colonized. How far does this sentence reflect the representations of British dealings with India in the texts you have studied?

Who are subalterns in India?

Subaltern Studies emerged around 1982 as a series of journal articles published by Oxford University Press in India. A group of Indian scholars trained in the west wanted to reclaim their history. Its main goal was to retake history for the underclasses, for the voices that had not been heard previous.