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Will Kris Moutinho fight next?

Kris Moutinho has his second UFC fight booked. A Massachusetts-based bantamweight, Moutinho (9-5 MMA, 0-1 UFC) is set to return Oct. 23 against Aaron Phillips (12-4 MMA, 0-4 UFC) at a location and venue to be announced. After a five-year rebuild on the regional scene, Phillips returned to the UFC in July 2020.Aug 24, 2021

What was Kris Moutinho salary?

UFC 264 bonuses: Kris Moutinho gets $75,000 ‘Fight of the Night’ in UFC debut. For its biggest card of the year so far, the UFC upped the ante with its post-fight bonus awards with $75,000 prizes. For its biggest card of the year so far, the UFC upped the ante with its post-fight bonus awards.Jul …

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How much did Sean omalley make last fight?

His opponent Sean O’Malley received $70,000 as his base pay, another $70,000 as his win bonus, $75,000 as a performance bonus, and an additional $6,000 for a fight week incentive pay which makes it a total of $221,000 total purse for the winner.Jul 11, 2021

How much weight do UFC fighters cut?

around 15-20 pounds They’ll drop 10-20 pounds during their weight cut, avoiding excruciating dehydration and rehydration. The average weight cut of UFC fighters is around 15-20 pounds in the last five days before the weigh-in.

What does pound for pound mean UFC?

Pound for pound is a ranking used in combat sports, such as boxing, wrestling, or mixed martial arts, of who the better fighters are relative to their weight, i.e. adjusted to compensate for weight class.

Who got the fight of the night?

Fight of the Night: Santiago Ponzinibbio vs Miguel Baeza. The audience was the true winner of the welterweight slugfest that commentator Brendan Fitzgerald dubbed an “instant classic” at the conclusion of a brutal back-and-forth fifteen minutes.Aug 7, 2021

Is Sean omalley Irish?

Given his Irish heritage, O’Malley would be delighted to compete in front of the passionate fans that he’s seen so strongly support Conor McGregor over the years.Apr 20, 2020

Where is UFC Kris Moutinho from?

UFC fighter Kris Moutinho hails of American nationality. Initially, he is from Milford, Massachusetts. He was born on 9 August 1992 and is 28 years old. Also, he has a zodiac sign of Leo.

How much did Kris Moutinho make last night?

Moutinho gets $75,000 ‘Fight of the Night’ in UFC debut But with just 27 seconds left in the fight, Herb Dean had seen him take enough punches and shut things down with Moutinho taking punches on the feet.Jul 12, 2021

Is Kris Moutinho Brazilian?

But who is Kris Moutinho? Born in Milford, Massachusetts, Moutinho is a 28-year-old bantamweight holding a 9 – 4 record. Professional since 2016, Moutinho, of Portuguese roots, has achieved four of his nine victories before limit (three knockouts and one submission).Jul 1, 2021

Is Kris Moutinho okay?

Despite absorbing 230 significant strikes and 177 strikes to the head, Moutinho is feeling alright. “I feel great man, I feel great. Pride’s a little sore from losing man because a loss is still a loss, man,” Moutinho said to TMZ. I’m the kind of person that people want to watch fight,” Moutinho said.Jul 15, …

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