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What did Mike Tyson say to Kimbo Slice?

How former UFC fighter and backstreet brawler Kimbo Slice snubbed Mike Tyson and the one piece of advice the heavyweight legend gave him. Before signing a deal with the UFC, boxing Hall of Famer Mike Tyson advised famous street fighter Kimbo Slice to ‘never turn pro’.Mar 16, 2021

Was Kimbo Slice good in UFC?

While Slice has the strength and athleticism to potentially be a great MMA fighter, his current talent level is still very, very low. As a professional MMA fighter, Slice’s only asset is his strong punching strength, a skill that, while valuable, certainly isn’t enough for him to succeed at the professional level.Oct 8, 2008

Who did Kimbo Slice fight in the UFC?

Matt Mitrione Matt Mitrione vs. Kimbo Slice UFC 113. A mêlée between two former cast mates of The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights. Kimbo Slice is the infamous street fighter turned mixed martial artist.