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Why is Randy Couture called the natural?

The reason is that he never lived up to the potential he showed in the early days of his career. Randy earned the nickname “The Natural” for starting and winning in MMA at 34 years old.Nov 11, 2008

Who made the most money in UFC?

Conor McGregor As of June 2019 Conor McGregor, aka The Notorious, is still the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter with the highest career earnings directly from UFC fights with approximately 12 million U.S. dollars.

Who is the richest MMA?

Top 20 Richest MMA Fighters in the World Tito Ortiz (Net Worth: $20 Million) BJ Penn (Net Worth: $22 Million) Brock Lesnar (Net Worth: $25 Million) Georges St-Pierre (Net Worth: $30 Million) Khabib Nurmagomedov (Net Worth: $40 Million) Rorion Gracie (Net Worth: $50 Million) Conor McGregor (Net Worth: $200 Million) Jun 15, 2021

Has anyone in the UFC had 3 belts?

Randy Couture won a majority decision over Maurice Smith at UFC Japan on Dec. 21, 1997, to become the heavyweight champion for the first time. He would win that title three separate times.

Does Randy Couture own Xtreme?

World Class Mixed Martial Arts in Las Vegas, NV – Since 2007 Xtreme Couture MMA was founded by Randy Couture as his way to pass down the fighting skills and training principles he developed over the course of his hall-of-fame career.

Who beat Randy Couture?

Randy Couture Record: 19-11-0 W/L Fighter Method loss Randy Couture Brock Lesnar KO/TKO Punches win Randy Couture Gabriel Gonzaga KO/TKO Punches win Randy Couture Tim Sylvia U-DEC loss Randy Couture Chuck Liddell KO/TKO Punch

What is Randy Couture worth?

At UFC 129, Randy Couture competed in his last professional MMA fight when he fought and lost to Lyoto Machida and eventually retired at the age of 47. Randy Couture Girlfriend. Net Worth $17 million Age 56 Nationality American Last Updated 2019

Who was the oldest champion in the UFC?

Randy Couture is the only UFC fighter to win a championship after becoming a UFC Hall-of-Famer and is the oldest champion in UFC history at the age of 45 years, 60 days.

Is Kim Couture related to Randy Couture?

Couture was previously married to Sharon, Tricia, and Kim Couture (née Borrego). He and Kim filed for divorce in May 2009. He continued to coach her and support her MMA career. He has three children, including Ryan.