kamaru usman loss

Why do they call Kamaru Usman Marty?

Usman claims that he was christened ‘Marty’ by his high school wrestling coach. The former NCAA Division 2 champion joined the Bowie High School wrestling team in his sophomore year. Here, Usman’s wrestling coach named him ‘Marty’, as he was struggling to pronounce the Nigerian’s first name, Kamarudeen.Apr 25, 2021

Who beat Kamaru Usman in MMA?

Kamaru Usman knocks out Jorge Masvidal in second round to retain UFC welterweight title. UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman dominated Jorge Masvidal last year over five rounds.Apr 25, 2021

Did Kamaru Usman ever lost a fight?

UFC 258: Kamaru Usman on the important lesson he learned from his one career loss. Usman faced off against Jose Caceres in his second professional fight at CFA 11 in May 2013. All Usman felt like all he needed to do to win was take Caceres down, and he’d finish him from there.Feb 13, 2021

Who choked out Usman?

But after a competitive first round against the UFC welterweight champion’s brother, Sayles (6-1) choked Usman (7-2) unconscious after a second knockdown in the second at 2021 PFL 3 in Atlantic City, N.J. Usman was as much as a 6-1 favorite in the fight.May 6, 2021