justin gaethje

Why did khabib wear a wig?

The wig-like fur hat that Khabib Nurmagomedov wears everywhere is called a Papakha, pronounced puh-pah-hah. He dons it as a tribute to his homeland and native country, Dagestan.Dec 14, 2020

How good is Justin gaethje?

Justin Gaethje is the current World Series of Fighting lightweight champion, and with an unblemished 14-0 record, he is moving up the ranks as one of the best lightweight fighters in the world. Gaethje has a good, well-rounded skill set. You do not get to 14-0 at 155 pounds without it.

Is Justin gaethje half Mexican?

Justin Gaethje is Mexican American and Canal 6 had the opportunity to talk exclusively with his mother Carolina Espinoza Gaethje about his Mexican roots, his weekend bout, and how they spent Mother’s Day.Aug 15, 2021

Is Justin gaethje cross eyed?

Gaethje underwent a photorefractive keratectomy in 2016 to correct his eyesight. He said, “I used to be blind. I had horrible vision. I was 20/60 in one eye and 20/200 in another eye.