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Is Justin gaethje a good wrestler?

“Justin Gaethje is an extremely good wrestler, he’s got a unique style in wrestling, and he hasn’t had to use it. It’s very hard to [have] a game plan against someone’s wrestling when they haven’t shown it. “Wrestling is a get out of jail card in a fight sport,” Wittman said.Oct 23, 2020

How do you pronounce MMA?

Mma is pronounced “Ma,” with a gentle m sound and a shortish a. Rra is exactly as it is spelt, with a rolling R.Jun 12, 2009

What belt is John Kavanagh?

black belt A pioneer of martial arts in Ireland, Kavanagh is the first man in his country to receive a black belt in jiu jitsu. And when asked what McGregor has to do to go from a brown belt to black, Kavanagh laughed.Jan 17, 2020

Where does the name gaethje come from?

Gaethje’s surname is of German origin due to his German-American father. Gaethje underwent a photorefractive keratectomy in 2016 to correct his eyesight.