julian lane mma

How tall is Julian Lane?

5′ 10″ Lane Fighter Fighting Style Height Jeff Lentz – 5′ 9″ Julian Lane Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 5′ 10″ Jul 24, 1987

Where is Julian Lane from?

Tampa, Florida Lane was born in Tampa, Florida, He grew up in the Seminole Heights neighborhood and graduated from Hillsborough High School in Tampa.

Who is Julian Lane?

Julian Lane has won a BKFC title and 12 MMA bouts and it’s still his meltdown on TUF he’s remembered for. Ironically, the man known for his hot head has made a living off of rolling with the punches when fans and other fighters mock his TUF house meltdown.Jun 17, 2020

Is Julian Lane in UFC?

Julian Lane has been praised by many for persevering against all odds and successfully continuing his combat sports career after a grueling experience on season 16 of the UFC’s TUF (The Ultimate Fighter) reality show.Jun 2, 2021