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What did masvidal say?

“I’m going to whoop your ass all by myself, I don’t need nobody,” Masvidal said in response. “I didn’t get the broken nose, you did. I’m going to bust your face up, break more bones than last time. Remember this face.”Apr 22, 2021

Is Masvidal in a relationship?

Jorge Masvidal is currently not dating. According to various reports, the couple split after dating for more than a decade.Apr 22, 2021

Does Jorge Masvidal have a belt?

JORGE MASVIDAL is the current holder of the UFC’s newest belt – the BMF. The Gamebred Fighter won it by defeating Nate Diaz at UFC 244, but just what does it stand for?

How fast was masvidal knocked out?

Jorge Masvidal recorded the fastest knockout in UFC history against Ben Askren back in July 2019 in a shocking fight on the UFC 239 card. The American MMA fighter produced a stunning flying knee strike that absolutely destroyed Askren in five seconds in their welterweight contest.Apr 17, 2021

Is Jorge Masvidal divorce?

The mother of his children and his wife that is still on the marriage certificate today – they’re not divorced yet – is Maritza Collado Jorge Masvidal was previously married to Iman Kawa, sister of MMA manager Malki Kawa and has three children with her.Apr 24, 2021

What happened to Jorge Masvidal?

Masvidal was knocked out by Kamaru Usman in the second round of Saturday night’s UFC 261 championship headliner in Jacksonville, Fla., which was only the second time in Masvidal’s 50-fight career he was finished due to strikes, and the first since 2008.Apr 25, 2021

How many fights has Jorge Masvidal lost?

Jorge Masvidal Record: 35-15-0 W/L Fighter Round loss Jorge Masvidal Kamaru Usman 2 loss Jorge Masvidal Kamaru Usman 5 win Jorge Masvidal Nate Diaz 3 win Jorge Masvidal Ben Askren 1

Who is Jorge Masvidal married to?

Personal life. Masvidal has three children – two daughters and a son – with Iman Kawa, a Jordanian American entrepreneur, and procurement specialist who is the sister of MMA agent Malki Kawa.