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Did Jake Paul win the fight 2021?

It was his name, after all, that got him here. In the end, when two of the three judges scored the bout in Paul’s favor, giving him a split-decision victory, the two men continued the chirping that defined the prefight hype.1 day ago

How much money did Jake Paul Make Boxing Ben Askren?

With a big audience comes a big pay day. Paul reportedly made just under $700,000 for his last fight against Askren. Although the numbers have been disputed, it is suggested that there was a total of 1.45 million viewers who tuned in to watch Paul KO Askren.2 days ago

Who is Ko Ben Askren?

Jake Paul Jake Paul took less than two minutes to knock out Ben Askren and claim his third pro boxing win on Saturday night.Apr 18, 2021

How did Jorge Masvidal knock out Ben Askren?

Jorge Masvidal recorded the fastest knockout in UFC history against Ben Askren back in July 2019 in a shocking fight on the UFC 239 card. The American MMA fighter produced a stunning flying knee strike that absolutely destroyed Askren in five seconds in their welterweight contest.Apr 17, 2021