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Are The Schmo and Helen Yee?

Dave Schmulenson, created “The Schmo” and is co-host of “The Schmozone.” Yee, is the other half of “The Schmozone,” and creator of “Eyes on the Game.”Apr 8, 2021

Is Helen Yee Chinese?

Helen is a Las Vegas native, a bilingual (Mandarin) sports reporter, a former two-time state champion and nationally-ranked swimmer. She’s also the producer, host, and creator of Eyes On The Game, which was broadcasted on NBC Sports AM920 in Las Vegas.

What happened to Sonja’s marriage?

The couple married in 1998 and lived in Sonja’s infamous townhouse, where they raised their daughter, Quincy Adams Morgan. After more than eight years of marriage, the pair decided to divorce. Shortly after the divorce process started, Sonja began appearing on RHONY, which she has been a part of since season three.May 28, 2021

Is MMA good for self defense?

Does MMA work for self-defense? The simple answer is YES. Learning MMA is one of the best things that you can do to defense yourself, gain confidence, and become a walking weapon.

Where is the schmo from?

Buffalo Grove He is a sports personality created by Dave Schmulenson from Buffalo Grove, Il. Schmulenson interviews professional athletes and seems to build a rapport with them by “injecting humor with self-deprecation” according to his official website.

Who is Helen Yee?

Helen Yee is a sports reporter, writer and producer of Eyes On The Game sports radio on NBC Sports AM920. She is also the creator of the show. As a Las Vegas native and a former 2-time state champion swimmer, Helen was a student athlete and swam as a nationally ranked age swimmer for nine …

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Who started MMA Junkie?

MMA Junkie is a news website that covers the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA). Type of site Sports, Mixed martial arts Created by Dann Stupp, Eric Foster, Tom Cummins Industry Sports media URL Commercial Yes

Why was John Morgan’s first question?

He gets to the press conferences real early, before all the other journalists, and this apparently gets him first dibs on questions when the conference becomes open to questions.