jai herbert

Does Korean Zombie still fight?

“The Korean Zombie” now has won three of his past four fights dating back to June 2019, with the defeat against upcoming featherweight title challenger Brian Ortega, who will meet champion Alexander Volkanovski later this year after their season of “The Ultimate Fighter” airs.Jun 22, 2021

Where was Jai Herbert born?

Herbert was born in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England on May 13, 1988. Of his 10 wins, eight were decided via technical knockout and each of the rest through submission and split decision. As an amateur, he had six undefeated streaks with one loss.Jun 27, 2021

Is Jai Herbert Indian?

Quick Facts: Jai Herbert Jai Herbert was born and raised in London, UK. He seems to be of Asian descent. Also, there are some sources that confirm him to be an Indian.