ilir latifi

Who are Latifi sponsors?

Lavazza Coffee: Part of the Sofina Food group, Lavazza coffee is the official sponsor of Nicholas Latifi. They followed him to Williams racing, becoming the teams kit sponsor since 2020.Apr 21, 2021

Did Vettel come from a rich family?

Father, Norbert Vettel was a carpenter and Sebastian received backing from BMW. Father, Michael Latifi is a billionaire businessman. Mick Schumacher. Father, Michael Schumacher was a very successful F1 driver.

How much money does Nicholas Latifi make?

How much do the 2021 Formula 1 drivers earn? Pos Driver Salary (USD) – Nikita Mazepin $1m – Nicholas Latifi $1m – George Russell $1m 20 Yuki Tsunoda $500,000 Jul 20, 2021

Is Mazepin a billionaire?

Dmitry Mazepin owns the mineral fertilizer company Uralchem. In 2013 he bought 20% of the company from billionaire Suleiman Kerimov. The net worth of Dmitry Mazepin, as per Forbes is $1.3 billion.Jun 13, 2021

How much is Michael Latifi worth?

Through the investment company Nidala (BVI) Limited, which is controlled by Latifi, he invested £200 million (around 270 million USD or C$350 million) in McLaren Group. Michael is the father of Nicholas Latifi, currently a driver with the Williams Formula One team. Michael Latifi Website

Is Ilir Latifi still in the UFC?

Latifi is now 1-1 since moving to the heavyweight division after spending the rest of his UFC career competing at 205 pounds.Jun 9, 2021