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What is Derek Brunson salary?

Derek Brunson Purse Per Fight ($100,000) : it’s not confirmed yet, how much Brunson get paid for UFC fights in 2020. Career Earnings Edmen Shahbazyan in MMA & UFC Opponents Lyoto Machida Winning Bonus $37,000 Sponsorship Bonus $10,000 Performance Bonus $50,000 PPV Event & Year 2017 (Fight Night 119)

How much did Kevin Holland make 2020?

According to publicly released records, in 2020 Holland has made $376,000 in purses, win bonuses and performances bonuses from the UFC and another $20,000 for his Reebok sponsorship for a total of $396,000 with one fight left. A win would boost him over a half-million in yearly earnings.Dec 8, 2020

Does Kevin Holland have a black belt?

#3 UFC middleweight Kevin Holland Kevin Holland was handed his BJJ black belt in June of 2020 under Travis Lutter, a decorated grappler, and former UFC middleweight contender. Holland is also a second-degree black belt in Kung Fu.May 30, 2021

What fighting style does Kevin Holland use?

Kevin Holland Fighting out of Fort Worth, Texas, United States Team Phalanx MMA Academy Travis Lutter BJJ Rank Second degree black belt in Kung Fu Black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Travis Lutter Years active 2015–present

What is Kevin Holland salary?

Kevin Holland: $350,000 Meanwhile, Marvin Vettori took home $150,000 for his performance against Kevin Holland.Apr 11, 2021