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How many fights does Herb Dean ref?

Professional mixed martial arts referee Herb Dean is one of the most experienced and respected officials in the business. He has been third man in the cage for over 3500 professional MMA bouts, including more than 200 bouts in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, for which he has officiated matches since 2004.

What heart condition does Dan Hardy have?

In 2013, Hardy was diagnosed with Wolff–Parkinson–White syndrome. A treatment for Wolff–Parkinson–White syndrome is ablation, cauterising of heart tissue to fix the electrical pathway issue, however Hardy has refused to have this treatment on the basis that the condition has never actually given him any problems.

How much does Marc Goddard get paid?

UFC Referees Salaries Referees Main Card Match Fees Annual Earnings Marc Goddard $1,500 $380,000 John Sharp $1,500 $380,000 Mario Yamasaki $1,500 $330,000 Kim Winslow (Retired) $1000 N/A

How much does Herb Dean make per fight?

In 2019, a sports source revealed UFC main-card or pay-per-view fight referee make $10,000 – $25,000. Herb Dean Pay-Per-View Fight Fees ($15,000) : UFC fight score judges and match referees earn almost $15,000 for ppv.

Can Herb Dean fight?

Herb is not only a MMA referee but also a professional MMA fighter himself with a professional record of 2-3-0 with wins via submission and knockout.